The India of my dream 1.0


With every dusk and dawn, with every moment of life, we come to see many aspects of different lifestyles around us. We notice some of them but many of them have become so common that, they go un-noticed. In the race for success, with everyone’s own meaning of success, we work toward it with great strength and dedication. Hereby, with the celebration of 68th Republic Day, I wish to articulate the India that I see very soon – India of my Dream.

  1. Education 
    In 1947, the literacy rate was 14% and the female literacy rate was as low as 8%. Today, as per census 2011, we have reached 74% overall literacy and female literacy rate being 65.5%, but still a lot more to go.

    Education is important, not just to get the jobs and have an academic pursuit but it is important a moral wisdom. Education is important to walk peacefully in every path of life and society, it is important to maintain the social cohesion and peace. Peace is a long-term process of educating humanity with values of compassion. it is important to strengthen our democracy where people take every decision wisely. Education is the cure for many social diseases and if we empower our education system and hence the coming generations, we should see a decline in various social problems – such as violence, extremism, domestic violence, the crime against women, population explosion etc. Once people are well educated they could be aware and could be made understood about already existing social problems and a new one (if arises any). Without education it is tough and that we could see it today.

    I wish that someday, we could move toward the above-said lines as far as education is concerned.

  2. Crime against women
    There is no single day when any national daily or regional newspapers do not carry the crime news done against women. Many of us have come across such a news that none of us could have imagined and it’s just terrible and horrible.

    I see an India where we (male/female) live a harmonious life sharing good and bad times.
    I see an India where women could walk freely without any fear anytime and anywhere. 
    I see an India 
    where women express themselves freely as others do. 

  3. Caste, colour and gender discrimination

    Caste discrimination
    Though we have traveled a long way when it comes to caste discrimination, yet we have several instances of caste discrimination in every walk of life. It is not just in the rural India, it is also in our urban region, in our college, in our work area.

    A small experience that I come across very often.
    People come and ask my name, I just say “Prashant”.
    They will say, full name?
    I say ” Prashant Kumar”.
    They will further ask, “title’? Here comes the caste discrimination. Did you notice it?

    Yes it is.

    Why do you want to know my title? Isn’t it to know your caste and then behave accordingly? I have seen people doing it when I travel. I have my full name as “Prashant Kumar” only without any title. I won’t mind you telling my caste but I would mind when anyone will use that to discriminate (me or anyone).

    Showing disrespect to lower caste is one side of the coin, and showing high respect to a high caste is another side of the coin. Both way, one is discriminating and one shouldnot do it.

    I see an India where people give equal respect to everyone in any walk of life, irrespective of their caste

    Colour discrimination
    I see an India where people do not judge by one’s look. Nawazuddin Siddiqui – I often get motivation from him, but everyone cannot be like him.
    I see an India where recruiters do not recruit a female employee for her look (yes it happens very often).
    I see an India where color finds no place in love, friendship, marriage or any relation. Such colour discrimination is in your home, is in your college, is in your workspace, is in your very casual language (that you may call it as joke, but things have been induced so badly in our mind that we never notice it. And when we notice it, we simply state it as joke)
    I see an India where people accepts others as they are and they develop their relation based o their mutual understanding, they recruit based on the need of the job (a fair colour is not the need of the job, please). 
    I see an India where, male and female both, value others and do not discriminate on the basis of colour.

  4. Poverty
    You must have noticed the slum areas when you go out of the city, the distressed farmers, the beggars, the child abuse. These things happen in our own very close surrounding, some are natural and some are manifested. Whatever be the reasons, we should work toward reducing it. We need to reduce it because poverty, education, health and social awareness – these things are interlinked. Poverty could be a major breeding ground for extremism and Naxalism (we know it very well)

    I see an India where everyone gets their minimum shelter, food, and cloth.
    I see an India where parents force their children to go to school rather go on begging every morning.
  5. Childe abuse and child labour
    Very common and all of us must have noticed it. Some cases are natural and some are manifested but the reason behind such cases always remains genuine. If poverty is taken care of then we need to focus on those children who are orphan, disowned by family and who do not have anyone to take care of. We need to find being specific. Public participation would be highly required to battle this menace for which we need a strong bottom-up approach of complaint registration and redressal system.

    I see an India where children do childish stuff and learn in school instead of doing labour in restaurant/ ‘workplace’.

  6. Agrarian Distress and Farmers’ Suicide
    Agriculture is the backbone of our country and without the well-being of farmers, we cannot imagine a sustainable life. We are enjoying our life sitting in relatively good position but think of farmers who work day and night and produce food for us. This is not rhetoric, this is the fact. We get food because of them. We got food security because of them. You could notice the onion price/ wheat price when there is crop failure. Imagine what will happen if farming goes out of practice. We could imagine our life.
    I see an India where farmers are not distressed, they get the due value of their product.
    I see an India where farmers are equally respected. Please respect them, I beg you. If you cannot contribute directly to their effort, at least respect them when you meet any farmer in person. If any farmer faces any problem and you come to know about it, please help them if you could do. Your small patience and time could prove a boon for them.
    I see an India where technically educated people innovate in the agricultural sector and do farmer oriented business.
  7. Communalism, Regionalism, and Extremism
    These three terms are disastrous for any society. India is diverse in multiple dimension – culturally, religiously, economically … This diversity is the reason why we are united being so diverse and we should maintain it. Communalism, regionalism, and extremism are the elements of the destruction of the social cohesion and unity that we have developed.

    I see an India where a person with A religion sits in B religion’s home and vice-versa on the festival and other occasions.
    I see an India where a person coming to New Delhi from Manipur does not get discriminated calling them ‘chinki’.
    I see an India where people going to Mumbai from Bihar and UP does not get discriminated.
    I see an India where all of us have a sense of brotherhood and we respect people from every aspect and walk of life.
    I see an India where youth joins the mainstream rather than joining any extremist group and following extremist ideology. Respect democracy – people do not get it easily and we have it, let the democracy win always.

  8. Health
    A hefty amount of money from the private pocket as well from the public purse is being spent in the health sector.
    We need a healthy society. We need a strong public investment in health sector taking care of the mother, child and old age persons on a priority basis.
    A healthy mind begets a healthy body
  9. SMART Police
    Strict and Sensitive, Modern and Mobile, Alert, and Accountable, Reliable and Responsive, Techno-savvy and Trained Police.
    We need SMART police badly to implement regulate anything.
  10. Corruption
    From our own house to country’s biggest institution, corruption has become a terrible menace to our development. And we have some famous scam scandal. This act of corruption is engulfing our economy and if we do not contain it then we are going to slide down in every index.
    Corruption is related to all the functioning of government and hence the people. It is related to our health, education, agriculture, jobs, economic growth, international affairs, security and what not. Every department needs an efficient system of governance and the very act of corruption dilutes it badly. We need to remove this menace very soon. With the very diverse human nature, we cannot assume an ideal situation where people do not indulge in any such activities by themselves. It would be indeed foolish to even imagine such an ideal situation. We need to remove all the lacunae and loopholes in our system. We need to strengthen the public, we need to aware them about their own power. We need a strong implementation of law and order.

    I see an India where one does not have to think of the extra money that I have to take in my pocket when one goes to any office.
    I see an India with an ultra-efficient system of administration like inhale and exhale system.


Achieving the above could take years but nevertheless, we could start working on our part to contribute toward nation building.

Wishing you a very Happy Republic Day.



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