Day 6 – Golden Temple Amritsar

While booking train, as per the itinerary, we were supposed to reach Amritsar from Bikaner and there was no direct train to Amritsar from Bikaner on that specific day. We went to Makhu and then from there to Amritsar by bus.

By midnight we took train and next morning around 11 AM we reached Makhu and then from there to Amritsar. We had approximately two days and night time that we could spend in Amritsar.

Took the room close to Amritsar station and found one dhaba (if you have been to Amritsar you can recognize, near chowk which is on the opposite side of Amritsar station) who served us wonderful chicken :D. We were regular customer for him for those two days.

I went to market to buy some stuff. Not well familiar with local language was hell for me. People were saying something to me but I could just say ‘hmm’. And nothing else.

Later the day in second half, we went to Jallianwala bagh to experience the cruel history and then Amritsar golden temple.

Jallianwala Bagh

Golden temple Amritsar experience was just beyond excellence. As soon as I entered, I could see people who were involved in shoe keeping store, serving drinking water, washing basins, washing floor among other stuff. Later I was amazed when I came to know that all these people do work on voluntarily basis. Infact the whole temple is being maintained on voluntarily basis.

Entering the main area of temple was just enchanting. People were bathing, people were praying, some were standing in queue to offer prayer. And people like me was just clicking the feelings and moments.


I never know that this place would bring sense of completeness inside me. The divine places that I have visited yet was all left behind. The peace, sense of completeness, tranquility and what not!

I made myself into the row to do holy prayer. Everyone was wearing some cloth on head. I was amazed to see that no one was advising people to wear that or no one was checking that but still everyone was following rule. People were standing in queue and was waiting for his/her turn very gently unlike other devotional places.

Queue_GOlden temple
Queue_GOlden temple

After offering prayer while I was coming back, two guy came to me and ask me to take photos. I told I will take but how do I send it you? Suddenly one of them gave me his memory card to put in camera. Wow! How clever that was. Learning for me 😀

Then we left this amazing place- the Golden temple.

But wait we missed one thing and i.e., langar. How could we miss that? We went back into temple just for langar. Took the plates and sat in queue. Even there people were sitting very gently in queue with plates. We were offered complete food. Later I came to know that almost all the work inside kitchen from roti making to utensils cleaning, done on voluntarily basis. Wow. Do I need say more for awesomeness!


Finished the day and started preparation for next day for the place Wagah Border. 😀 Must read next one.

More photos on fb from the day. 


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