Day 5- Karni Mata Temple- a rat temple, Bikaner

Last day was quite tiring day. We slept in the train keeping our bags aside on the berth itself and next early morning we reached Bikaner.

It was pretty hot climate, temperature was roaring. Again we had already booked our retiring rooms, we went to our room and finished the daily work. Then came on the streets of Bikaner city for breakfast. Roaming on the streets of any city by morning actually gives wonderful feel and that’s what we were doing, walking on the streets of Bikaner in search of food and rejoicing every moment.

Today we were supposed to see Karni mata temple, a temple which is in Deshnok and the reason for which it is being worshiped is totally crazy. We boarded the general compartment of the train and unlike earlier experience, the general compartment was not that crowded. Even the train was empty, I sat on the foot stairs of the train to get the feel of new place. Throughout the whole journey of one hour, I could see only ‘babul’ tree and sand which was giving me real feel being into desert area.

We got down in Deshnok and temple was very close to the railway station. As soon we entered into the temple, rats were moving here and there randomly. On the doors, windows, pathways everywhere. Rats were being served milk, food, worshiped.  All in all we were guest in the home of rats. Meanwhile from back someone touched my feet and for another next few micro second it gave me a feel that rat is crawling on my feet.


Karni Mata temple - Milk being Served
Karni Mata temple – Milk being Served
Karni Mata temple inside
Karni Mata temple inside

Everywhere I could see was only rats roaming here and there. And among their home humans were there who came to worship. It is believed that rats are incarnations of dead ancestors of charan clans and also when rats die then they born as human. This place is free of plague and any other disease.

We left the place by 2 PM and then came back to our stay room.

By evening we went to have food on streets of Bikaner.

Bikaner Street food
Bikaner Street food

Last few days were too tiring. From the start of fellowship we traveled each night from one place to another and explored places in the day time. Today was the day to take rest and fuel the tank for the next week.


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