Day 4- Kuldhara Village, Jaisalmer – An abandoned village

Our itinerary moved us towards Kuldhara which is an abandoned village in the Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan.

I took the side lower birth in the sleeper class train and perhaps that was one of the terrible decision that I made. Next morning before opening my eyes completely I felt a layer of sand spread over me. Yes, because we reached Jaisalmer. The world outside my window was Jaisalmer.

It was Malani Express that took us to Jaisalmer by 11.15 AM in the morning. As we had already booked railway retiring rooms, we did not have to think about stay. Although we were not that relaxed after whole night in train but we were slowly getting accustomed to whole night train journey and next day exploring the places. Because that was the best way to save time and most importantly money.

Jaisalmer Railway station view
Jaisalmer Railway station view

We took lunch just outside the station. In just Rs 60 they served us unlimited tandoori roti, rice, dal and vegetables. People were having 4 to 5 roti but we could not eat more than 2-3 roti.

While I  was enjoying my food, just outside the food point people were travelling in heavily decorated trucks.  Men with big Rajasthani turban and dhoti kurta over the rest doing their own work. Ladies with decorated saree, big ear and nose ring, hand with full of steel rings carrying loads of weights on her head.

Just outside the lunch point we booked one auto for Kuldhara Village for Rs 400 (to and fro).

Travelling through the heart of Jaisalmer city gave me the feel of golden city. Almost every home was made using the golden stones that is available in Jaisalmer and that was giving the apparent feel of being golden. And travelling on the roads was giving the feel of roller coaster. We asked auto wala to stop at many points and he kindly agreed to do so. One thing I have realized, you talk to auto-wala anytime they will always be very kindly and friendly. Till the place where I could see, was barren land with few huts of construction workers.

Road to Kuldhara Vilage from Jaisalmer that will give you a feel of Roller Coaster.
Road to Kuldhara Vilage from Jaisalmer that will give you a feel of Roller Coaster.

Finally with almost an hour drive into that road we reached the entrance of Kudhara Village and then after paying some nominal entrance fee we started cruising through the lanes of destroyed village.

On reaching the main village we saw few members who were daily wage workers reconstructing few buildings. We talked to these people and they told us the whole story of the village.

Kuldhara, Devastated Village
Kuldhara, Devastated Village view

On inquiring about the incidence that abandoned the village, he narrated, once this place was very well off place and paliwal Brahmins used to stay there. But the then king of the state announced that he will marry the daughter of head of the village. And he also threatened that, if the order is not followed the consequences will be terrible. Hearing this, people refused and paliwal Brahmins from 85 villages left the place and they also cursed that no one will be able to live here. And from then this place is abandoned yet.

Abandoned Kuldhara Village | Video

Through the roads of Kuldhara village

For more photos, kindly go through this link Kuldhara Village Photo Gallery

After spending more than an hour we came back to our rooms. Took rest and then went to see the Jaisalmer fort which was close to the railway station.

Jaisalmer city was less systematic than the fort. People were living in the fort. Entering from the main gate, one can get a wonderful street view while walking on to the roads of fort.

Entrance @ Jaisalmer Fort
Entrance @ Jaisalmer Fort
Streets @ Jaisalmer fort
Streets @ Jaisalmer fort
From the top of Jaisalmer Fort
From the top of Jaisalmer Fort
View of Jaisalmer city from top of Jaisalmer fort
View of Jaisalmer city from top of Jaisalmer fort

Somehow we reached the top of fort. Imagine your home at the top of fort from where you can get a whole city view all the time. We spend one beautiful evening. The whole sunset was spent there.

As sun was about to set, we drove ourselves to our stay point, our room. And by late night we left for Karni Mata Temple,  Bikaner, our next destination.


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