Raghurajpur, Puri| Odisha- A heritage village famous for ‘Pattachitra painting’

Heritage village, Raghurajpur, a small village of about 120 homes situated on the southern bank of River Bhargavi,  in the Puri distrcit of Odisha state. This village is famous for its Pattachitra painting among other beautiful arts such as palm leaf painting, tusser/ silk painting, coconut painting, cow dung cakes etc. This place is also the birthplace pf famous Odishi dancer Kelucharan Mohapatra.

Entrance of the village

Temple at the entrance of the village
Temple at the entrance of the village

With only 120 homes, this village is arranged beautifully into three rows. Middle row contains temples and other extreme two rows contains homes. Outer wall of most home is beautifully sketched relating story from the Mahabharat and the Ramanaya.

Painting on house wall
Painting on house wall

As we entered into village, we were guided by a person from that village only who took us into his own home where we saw his beautiful art out of pattachitra painting, stone carving, palm leaf painting etc. We thought to spend only few minutes there as we had many other plans on the same day. But we could not resist and finally we end up in spending around 3-4 hours going through all his magic. Here are few pics.

Pattachitra painting
Pattachitra painting
Pattachitra painting
Pattachitra painting
Ganesha, Palm leaf  painting
Ganesha, Palm leaf painting
Palm leaf paintng

Wow, such beautiful painting on palm leaf. I could not imagine. We asked him to demonstrate it live. He was kind enough to demonstrate us and in one minute he finished one small painting on palm leaf. Here is what he made in that one minute. Asking about from where and how he learnt all this. He told “It took almost 11 years to learn”.

On inquiring about what current generation children do? Do they learn this art or study regular school? Got beautiful reply as “Depends on interest. We have school and college and nearby. Those who are interested in painting, they learn here and other goes to school and college ”

This small village attracts a lot of tourists just because of these beautiful arts and paintings. To revive this village and to bring on India’s cultural tourist map, government has already allocated fund.

For these people one can definitely say that ‘Art is in the blood of these people and they live by art’. 

To view more photos from my trip, please follow this link. Also Kindly follow Pocketful of India | Fb for more updates.

How to reach Raghurajpur?

1. Reach Chandanpur which is 10 km from Puri and then take local rickshaw/ taxi or do 1212( walk) to cover 1.5 Km.

2. Drop at Bhubhaneshwar Puri Highway and take any auto- rickshaw directly to Chandanpur.

Where to stay? 

Since it will not take more than 4-5 hours, you can stay in Puri which is very close to Raghurajpur and you can plan other excursion/s on the same day.


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