Why IIT Gandhinagar? – JEE Counselling 2015

Before I write in line with the title of this post, I would like to say few words about myself so that new reader can be assured of my identity. I am a student of IIT Gandhinagar doing B.Tech in EE and done with 3 years.

Before I actually start writing, I would recommend each and every student seeking admission to read this blog by Prof. Dheeraj Sanghi, who was Dean of Academic Affairs, IIT Kanpur and faculty of CS.

Here is the link of the blog: A Guide to JEE Counseling 2015

I have been following his blog from last three years and I firmly believe that no one could guide anyone better than him. Spend enough time to read whole guide. You will be guided very well as you will ride yourself through the number of questions out of your passion, future aspect, research, placement, CAT, old and new IITs, infrastructure of IITs;  NITs, IIITs, IISERs. At the end of the guide you will see the exact query that comes while filling the options during counselling.

Now coming to the point. Why IIT Gandhinagar?

I would answer few questions about IIT Gandhinagar and at the end will keep my viewpoint from my three year stay at IIT Gandhinagar. From this much information, I wish that I would be able to convey myself.

Since this decision always proves precious for any individual, I won’t exaggerate any information, so that one can make a good choice among many. I would also like to mention that I do not have much idea about NITs or IIITs or IISERs so you won’t find any mention in rest of the post.

Caution: Choosing right person/group on social media to get info about college during counselling

Very first question will come while selecting IIT Gandhinagar or 8 new IITs

Core branch at new IITs ( 8, not 4 opened in 2015)  or any branch in old IITs

Check out ‘Follow your passion’ section in Prof Sanghi’s guide and common queries at the end. I would not say anything because it is already explained very well by Prof Sanghi.

5 week foundation program

This is very unique program of IIT Gandhinagar which is being conducted before the start of B.Tech curriculum. Aim is to give the several prospect of career which we do not get while JEE preparation. When we prepare for JEE we remain totally aloof from surrounding and we hardly know what’s happening in surrounding and what’s the need of the society where we stay. This program will be very first and strong step towards realizing the inner potential, what one is made for, where passion lies.

Academic Curriculum

IIT Gandhinagar holds quite different curriculum from regular. Other than sufficient engineering courses curriculum includes enough number of humanities and social science courses( HSS ) which makes it unique. Aim behind such curriculum is to make us a responsible engineer not just engineer.

IIT Gandhinagar also won world education award 2013 for innovation in B.Tech curriculum. The award winning education program of IIT Gandhinagar is one of its kind and has been designed with inputs from various academic and industrial partners so that our graduates can not only fit seamlessly, but excel in whatsoever profession they choose to pursue.


It does matter when you start filling choices to get into colleges. It does matter when you will say your parent and family that placement of IIT X/ Y/ Z is x % because that will make your parent and family members happy and you will feel safe in the hand of IITs. But after 4 years, placement will hardly matter. Even if you get placed you will not continue longer as you will run toward your passion.

Did you believe me just now?

No! Relax, it happens.

I wish you to contact students from any IITs and get the data of students who got job and continued the same job for more than 5 years. You will find that many took job from college but after 2-4 years of job, he/she left the job and followed his/ her passion. After 4 years, it may matter because of financial reason/ family pressure but that will not exist longer.

After all placement does matter somewhere, be it for 2 or 3 years. IIT Gandhinagar holds good placement record. You can check CDS IIT Gandhinagar to garner more information.

I would also like you to read ‘placement’ section of Prof Sanghi’s guide.

Start up culture

IIT Gandhinagar holds wonderful start up culture. As people says, IITians should be job creator not job seeker. I see IIT Gandhinagar is following the same. This year 9 student took deferred placement who will work on different startups (Opting deferred placement means you will be allowed to sit in placement next year not this year). Deferred placement is available in very few IITs among 16 IITs. Deferred placement is given to encourage entrepreneurs. Till yet 2 successful start-ups came from IIT Gandhinagar and others are in line.

This year, GridAnts technologies which was the very first venture of IIT Gandhinagar recruited four students with an attractive package of Rs 15 lac. For detailed information check out this recently published article on TOI  – Start fever grips campuses

Research and higher studies

Wonderful. All thanks to our director sir who single- handedly created beautiful environment of research and higher studies. Around 15% of 2015 batch would be going abroad to pursue MS/ Doctoral / higher degree course. Last year approx. 34% B.Tech students went abroad in summer and winter which is a very good stats.

Not only engineering or science, even if you are interested in arts,humanities, finance etc. there are many chances to go abroad and do interesting stuff.


I would say sufficient faculty. There is always crunch of faculty in all IITs but whatever we have is sufficient. After all how much will you read in class? Practically the threshold. To elevate you have to learn on your own. In your own learning way, definitely profs is going to be very much helpful. Be it your specific college project or higher studies, they would be very much helpful.

Campus and infrastructure

No more in temporary campus. Although we did not have any lack of facilities at temporary campus but home is always home. We will welcome all freshies at our permanent campus and they will spend all 4 years at permanent campus. Shifting is already started.

Check out the twitter handle for live updates: IIT Gandhinagar Campus

Many article are published in newspaper regarding campus shift and that can be checked out here: IIT Gn News

Technical and Cultural activities

We have plethora of such events. In fact every IIT would have so. Fun and learning depends on how much you get involved. More you involve yourself into several activities, more learning will be there.

Till now I spent three years at IIT Gandhinagar. Being involved in many activities I learned a lot. There are several opportunities where one can get involved. In fact each and every student can be involved in different activities.

Some useful links: 


Saying about my experience and change of my future prospects.

After 2 year in 2014, I was confused which path should I opt. I did intern at ISRO which was  wonderful. Learning something new with practical application ( ya I applied concepts that I learnt in 12th and two years of B.Tech). But later I realized that I won’t be able to continue my interest there. It happens and it can happen to anyone anytime.

This summer I am travelling India and exploring under IIT Gandhinagar Explorer Fellowship, which is again very unique and very first of its kind among any IITs. I am done with more than one month of fellowship and things that I learnt, experiences that I gathered, people I met, remote places that I visited, it would not have been possible outside IIT Gandhinagar.

Thanks to the opportunities and environment at IIT Gandhinagar that gave me enough space to do all these things.

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost 

For any further queries do comment on this post, WhatsApp- 8511389067 or message me on fb (prefer first two option, messaging on fb goes to other folder of inbox which may take time to reply).

Thank you for reading!


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