Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan | So called haunted place

Bhangarh Fort, Ancient site, India.

This ancient site was founded in the later half of 16th century A.D. by Raja Bhagwat Das. The then ruler of Amber and later on it was made capital of Madho Singh, brother of Raja Man Singh. Madho Singh was diwan in the court of Mughal Emperor Akbar ( A.D.- 1556- 1605). (Source:  GoI)

Having heard about this place which is near by Jaipur, we included it in our two month itinerary. Since, it is said that no one is allowed to stay in Bhangarh Fort after 18:00, we planned one day trip. Just after Pushkar and Ajmer, itinerary forced us to go towards Bhangarh Fort to see the ghost and how people are living nearby.

In such a hot weather, where even a pigeon cannot bat wings freely, we moved towards Bhangarh Fort at around 11:00 from Jaipur. Took city bus service from Jaipur railway station and we were just 8 Km behind from another bus stop from where we were expecting to get into another bus. Jaipur city (specifically the road which we followed) was so crowded that it took almost 1.5 h to travel just 8 Km. Boarded another bus which we got luckily and that took us to ‘Gola ka Bas’ which is 2 Km far from Bhangarh Fort.

On reaching ‘Gola ka bas’ at around 14:30, unavailability of transportation service put our legs forward to cover rest distance in such a hot sunny days. This place is under ‘Archaeological Survey of India’ and no transportation facility from government side was little surprise for me. In December, I went to see ‘Vikramshila University Ruins’ in Bihar. There too was no transportation facility from government side. Roads were not in good condition, a layer of white powder will cover your face. From government side, on first sight, only thing I saw is ‘hoarding’ mentioning the places and details about the same.

Finally after 45m of continuous afternoon walk we reached Bhangarh Fort. And I was expecting that some ghost should haunt us ;). On reaching the fort, we went to each and every corner of fort. Other than ruins there is nothing left. The fort is said to have seven storeys but now only four storeys are left. Earlier the whole township consists of markets, tombs, havelis, temples etc. was protected by three successive fortifications. The outermost fortification is provided with five gateways from north to south- Ajmer, Lahori, Hanuman, Phool Bari and Delhi Gate (Input from GoI) .

Some photos:

Walkthrough@ Bhangah Fort
Walkthrough@ Bhangah Fort
On the top of Bhangarh Fort
We three, on the top of Bhangarh Fort
Bhangarh Fort
Bhangarh Fort

For more photos gallery from Bhangarh, check out my photos on fb page: More Photos from Bhangarh Fort

Since we did not stay at night there, I cannot comment how it feel to stay there at night. In day time, personally I did not find any such haunted things/ place inside that could fear us.

There are many huts where people are living very close to this fort. They are not living temporarily, they are permanent residents since they have their own lands and farm. And they are living happily with more or less available resources that could pump the life ideally.

How to reach:

Best way to reach Bhangarh fort is, reach ‘Dausa’ railway station/ bus stand from Jaipur and then take Jeep/ public transport from Dausa to ‘Gola Ka bas’. From Gola ka Bas, fort is just 2 Km, you can walk easily to reach fort. While returning, make sure you return to Gola Ka bas by 17:00 so that you can reach Dausa in safe time.


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