IIT Gandhinagar Explorer Fellowship

IIT Gandhinagar brings one more feather into the cap. This time with the introduction of ‘IIT Gandhinagar Explorer Fellowship’. This kind of fellowship is very unique and very first among any IITs. It is aimed to increase the societal connection of students with the society, to boost the social reach of students with our society where we are living.

India being such a diverse country in several aspect, its very important to understand them better. To guide a society, one needs to understand the situation and then only it can be addressed. In regular course work, students are loaded with academic stuff which is indeed required for academic excellence. But at times, it becomes tough to do these kind of stuff, meeting new people, talking to new people/ society, going off the road becomes not that much feasible in lack of time. Opportunity like this is supposed to check the above.

Expereince: Once, when I alongwith my team members were doing survey in Palej and Vasan village which is near to IIT Gandhinagar Sabarmati Campus, we came to know about wide range of problems from different families. With such wide issues, practically that could not be solved on our own. But few things that we found very common among almost all of the families and that could be actually solved.

Many of the women were skilled with weaving, sewing. But in the lack of machines, they were deprived of using the skills and hence not enough earning. Many men told that, a vegetable cart would be really valuable for them, using that they can sell the vegetables and earn money. Consequently, all the collective earnings can be put forward to educate the next generation. How interesting!

These kind of problem finding and solution finding will prove very much beneficial for any society. Remembers ‘education’ is must to develop a nation and it contributes to the same. Nurturing the small kid is must, then only they can seek admission into good institution for further study.

This fellowship is open for IIT Gandhinagar students, where students have to fulfill the below mentioned requirement

  • One has to explore India for atleast 6 weeks during the summer
  • Exploring 6 states is must, choosing atleast one from North eastern, Southern and Northern part of India. There is no upper limit but one should stay within the budget.
  • Fellows have to travel in economy class like government buses, sleeper class train. Accommodation should be done in budget hotels, dharamshala, homestay.
  • The whole fellowship should be done on a specific theme. Team has to explore w.r.t theme.
  • For this fellowship students will be given INR 45,000
  • Post fellwoship: Fellows have to submit report, give presentation and produce documentary based on the spent time.

Apart from the above mentioned aspect, it will boost anyone’s personality. How one should interact with strangers, how to respond in non- familiar situation! How to stay well and make maximum output in tight budget! These are things that can be only experienced practically.

Below is the media article that was published few days back describing this fellowship


Ty for reading!

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