How can a first year B.Tech student have productive summer?

You must be done with end semester exams, some of you may be going to finish it soon.

What are your plans for this summer? Here are my views on ‘How freshers should spend the summer’!

Lets give this time to build your personality first not your resume on paper. You will have enough time to build your resume on paper.

You spent your 2/3 years for 11th and 12th, prepared for several competitive examinations to get into colleges, travelling only along single dimension of life. You might be unaware of all other activities that had happened around you, may be cut from your surrounding. One should invest this time to become familiar with the surrounding from where you came, where you came, about your nation, finding different aspects of career.
Let me make you sure that in your B.Tech days, you will have ample time to make yourself academically strong. You will have enough time to make resume, to do excellent projects, writing paper.  You will have 2 more summer to do internships and that much time is more than enough.
This summer exploring more about different aspects of life, confusing yourselves with different aspects of life would give you a close insight about what you are made for, what you wanted to do. Its always tough to find the path of future career. Better to do it early. 

I would like to point out few suggestions that you may like to do:

1. Do not do any intern

(whether it is totally academia based, or social or whatever). Have those time for yourself and lets first live a life. Although, if you find most of below mentioned points in any intern, go for it.

Now, if you are not doing any intern, I have considered that this time is free for you and you are ready to make good use of it.

2. Meet your families and beloved ones.
You are not going to have this much amount of free time in your coming days. In coming days, you will run for intern, projects, seminars or so. So why not to spend this time with your close and loved ones.

  • Spend time with them, go on frequent special dinner and party with different group of friends/ relatives each time
  • Talk with your parents(must). I still miss those talk since the day I am out of my home. Spending time with them will make you realize ‘How responsible you are?’. It will give you a sense of responsibility, will make you a responsible person.

3. Boost your communication skills
A strong communication skill will be a very strong point towards your personality development. In your career, there will be many cases where in spite of having proper knowledge, you may fail if you do not have good communication skill (saying from personal experience) and it can be other way round as well.

4. Meet new people
Wherever you are living, wherever you are travelling, let it be your hometown, let it be your grandparents home, let it be with a random guy, let it be with a autowala, with a journalist, whomever you meet, try to talk with them. If you find situation interesting continue it. You will end up with several interesting situations and how to respond in such cases. How to get in familiar with stranger with whom you never met or with situation where you feel uncomfortable? It gives a lot of expertise.

4. Learn something new and essential- Would be useful in long run

  • Bike riding- If you did not know yet
  • Photography- Very useful
  • Dance/ music- Interesting ( if you like)
  • Start blogging – At first, you may end up writing very bad but do not give up, try to continue and soon you will master it. Later you will realize how important it is. If you are not able to convey what you are thinking, it will be of no use.
    • What about content of the blog?

Let it be anything, where ever your interests lies. You may find tough and not that confident in finding the contents but keep on writing on any topic. Say IPL, cricket, politics, your past journey, school days, your first year in college, how do you miss home etc.

5. Travel as much as you can
Be it with friends, or families or alone, travel and explore as much as you can.  Wherever you are living, try to cover the closest region atleast. Whatever you find interesting, mention in one pvt diary


7. Read newspapers, read few popular autobiographies and novels. 

Be an avid read reader of newspaper. Read newspaper daily including English, Hindi and Local. Autobiography such as ‘Wings of fire- An autobiography of A P J Abdul Kalam, former President of India’ among others are very interesting to read.

Your comments are welcome in comments section. Would try to be quick to reply.

Ty for reading!


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