Polo Forest, Ahmedabad- A stupendous night without cellular network

Rich in flora and fauna, dense forests, keep and calm atmosphere gave us a beautiful opportunity to experience nature. Staying one night at Polo campsite was just phenomenal and that too without phone network. Can you imagine a night without phone network? You cannot talk to your beloved ones, cannot connect to world. The only thing you can do there- connect yourself with nature, connect yourself with people there and your friends being in group and just feel that awesome time.

It all started with breaking so common daily schedule. With less fund and time, our choice was restricted. We searched little bit and came to know that Polo forest which is nearby Ahmedabad, appeared to be cheap and best place to pack bag for one night.

A day before the journey, we booked two room via fax(details given at the end). Cost was too less than expectation. Everything on the receipt was written in Gujarati so we were not able to read any notes mentioned which added another dimension to the experience.
The very next day we started from IIT Gandhinagar. Taking bus from Chiloda we reached Idar and then took jeep in Idar to polo campsite. 1/2 km before reaching polo campsite, we were able to contact the office from where  we booked rooms. But as soon we reached Polo campsite, none of our mobile had mobile network (as of Jan’15). We were stunned and we were like wtf! As we did not know, where is the booked room and our eyes could not see anything other than forest. In the midst we were there with no clue where to go. The sun was about to set and surroundings started getting darker. The fear started growing inside us. It was very urgent to talk to the guy with whom we booked the rooms.

Luckily we saw one family who was about to leave the place. We asked them to check mobile network, whether they have or not? Got the same answer, NO. Asked about the hotels, he informed that you have to go few more km ahead from here. Confused! We started to move in both direction on road equally to locate the rooms. Finally we found it.

Upon reaching the main door of the whole campsite, we saw only one person standing right in the middle of entrance.

The only person in the whole camp, standing right in the middle of the entrance
The only person in the whole camp, standing right in the middle of the entrance

Look was so fearful(no offence please), upon first look he gave us a feeling that run from here or else I will kill you if you say one more word.
We asked

‘bhaiya booked room yahi hai kya?’

‘Ka hai re?’

We drown Into more fear. Even I murmured that lets go from here or else he may attack us. Somehow, we make him understood using gesture.
Inside was so peaceful. As we went on Friday, no one booked any room and in the whole camp we three were only there. Room was quite nice and clean. Scenery around was beautiful.

Room inside the camp
Room inside the camp
Inside the room
Inside the room

Soon the same guy became our good friend. He suggested us not go outside after 18:00 else animals may cause harm.

Now it was time to have some food, but we did not have anything to eat and around that place nothing was available. Security personnel (on night duty)  informed  that order of food  should be done prior to visiting date else it will not be available. But he helped us and we took bike from him and went to nearby village to bring something to eat. He also called three person to make dinner specially for us. Finally we finished dinner. Had we informed them about dinner earlier, we could have had chicken but we missed it.

Having dinner. Indeed better than mess food 😉
Campfire after dinner:)

The same guy who prepared food for us became our guide for trekking scheduled very next morning.

After having morning tea we left the camp for trekking. The experience of this small trekking was beyond the expectation. Adding few pics below.

View of Polo Campsite from top of mountain. How beautiful!
View of Polo Campsite from top of mountain. How beautiful!
At the top of trekking path 🙂
The end of trekking.

To see more pics, please click the following link: Polo Forest- Gallery 

There was few surprise too on the way of trekking including horse riding. It was so pleasant to us because we never expected these things would come our way.

After finishing the trekking and hence trip, we headed towards Vijaynagar (20 km approx. from Polo campsite) to have chicken as one menu in our lunch . Lack of transportation facility forced us to sit on the top of ‘jeep’ and we loved it :D.

Two of us on top and two on the back side of 'Jeep'
Two of us on top and two at the back side of ‘Jeep’

We finished lunch with chicken, tawa roti and rice. And then headed towards our home- IIT Gandhinagar to attend cultural extravaganza of IIT Gandhinagar- Blithchron, because there is no way to miss our Cultural festival.

Best time to visit

Although we went in January month, best to go in rainy season to get the good feel of rich flora and fauna. Fun that we had in January  month was no less.

Booking room/s in Polo Campsite and few suggestions 

Here is the contact of forest department, Himmatnagar who will help in booking your room/s.

  • 02772243090, 02772247279. You will need to send one application via fax. After which they will confirm your booking.
  • Cost- Rs 500 per room ( 2 person)
  • Being on safer side, try to book  rooms 2/3 days before your journey date. Keep in mind that weekends attracts more people.
  • Get the receipt and do not forget to read the notes given on the receipt.
  • Take some eateries with you as you will not get there.
  • Order for food(if required) in one day advance on the same number(mentioned above).
  • If you are coming in rainy season, bring umbrella, rain coat, torch etc.
  • Take guide if you are going for trekking. He will take around Rs 250/-
  • Start trekking early morning. Around 10 AM, many people starts coming.
  • Call your parents and inform your idols about non availability of network.

How to reach

Reach Idar, 80 km from  from Chiloda(10 km from Gandhinagar Bus stop) and then from Idar to Polo campsite taking passenger jeep.

Budget-  We finished under Rs 1000/- per person including all the expenses (lodging, fooding, travelling etc.). It can be brought to less value too easily if one does not stay there at night. But then you will miss the beauty.

Last line: In less budget this is one of the beautiful place around Ahmedabad. I personally love trekking and exploring new places. It was the beautiful time to spend night in Polo campsite. Go there, stay one night and enjoy as much as you can.

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Ty for reading.


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